John Jefferson Barton

born 15 Mar 1840 SC
died  16 Jun 1896 Bristol, Florida

Married Elizabeth Sloan in Decatur County, Georgia on 22 Aug 1858 at the age of 16.
Married Mary Ellen Stringfellow (
b. 20 May 1853)   7 Oct. 1877,  Miller County, Georgia.

He joined the 59th Georgia Regiment May 3 1862 in Bainbridge , Georgia, and was traded to the 17th Georgia Infantry in April  1864 for a J. T. Rich. John J. was captured at Gaines Mill during the Battle at Cold harbor On June 1 1864 and imprisoned in Elmira, New York until June 16 1865 when He took the Oath of Allegiance. John J. And Mary Ellen are both buried at Rock Bluff Cemetery in Liberty County, Florida. 

Medical slips on John J. and letters from His Company Commander requesting a pension for His Wife, along with Her request for a pension made out in Liberty County, Florida, are in  the C. S. A. archives 



  1. Alonzo Hernando Cortez Barton b. 29 Aug 1878 Liberty, Florida
  2. Josephine b. Jan 1882
  3. Mary b. May 1886
  4. Nancy b. Jul 1889